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Casio G-Shock Riseman DW-9100

When I studied at the university I found out for the first time about existence of watches that have altimeter, compass, automatic light switching and other cool features. I became sick with this kind of watch and desperately wanted to get one of them. The first such watch, that became known to me, was Casio […]

Seiko solar diver SNE107

At this moment I have been using this watch for 5 years. I bought them in the fall of 2011 on Amazon for about 190$. Before that I had been looking for an analogue quartz diver to replace my Seiko SKX779K “Black Monster”. Black Monster is a beautiful watch, I love the way it looks, […]

Suunto Core disassembly – Part 3

The last bunch of images – disassembly of famous Core’s buttons. It seems that nothing special with them except double o-rings. All 146 high-res images (3648×2736 px) can be downloaded in one archive (355MB). All these pictures were posted on Watchuseek forums, but since that days many things have changed. Last thing that I mentioned […]

Suunto Core disassembly – Part 2

In the second bunch of images you can see the watch’s main module. At very least I can say that watch uses PNI – MS2100 2-Axis Magnetic Sensor and 64KB EEPROM memory. All 146 high-res images (3648×2736 px) can be downloaded in one archive (355MB).

Suunto Core disassembly – Part 1

This is the first bunch of images of disassembling process. All 146 high-res images (3648×2736 px) can be downloaded in one archive (355MB). On this images you can see one of the serious advantages of the Suunto Core – metallized screw holes. Such holes is a huge improvement over Casio watches which caseback is screwed […]

Suunto Core

A few years ago I used to own Suunto Core Light Black watch. It was bought in 2008 so I believe it was from the early installments which had some bugs related to power consumption. I do not interested in hiking very much or in some other outdoor activities, but I like (or, at least, […]