Hello! My name is Alexander Bykov, I’m 35 years old now (in 2016) and I live not far from Moscow city in Russia.
I’m a sorts of software developer.

On this page I want to explain why I decided to create this blog.

  • The main reason is to save and share some pieces of information that I gathered a time ago and now they are slowly dissipating…
    That information might not be very useful, especially nowadays, but maybe it will help a few people.
    It’s a some simple embedded firmware, scripts, basic PCB layouts and so on.
  • The next goal is to express my attitude about desktop Linux systems.
    Since 2005 I have been trying to move from Windows to Linux on my desktop but all those attempts failed.
    Every time after the next installation of Linux distro I see there a number of painful bugs, unbelievable interface features and so on.
    I hold on, don’t give up, write scripts for cron, edit configs, read blogs and forums and as a last resort I close my eyes on some problems. But eventually I face the problem that I cannot fix and cannot ignore. At this point I’m switching to windows, which is almost unadjustable but very stable and full of software. At such moments I want to share my experience or at least write down the steps of the painful road that I had gone for my own retrospective analysis. So, here is the place for such records, which will be tagged “Linux”.
  • And the last large goal is to study English! 🙂 That is why I will write this blog not in my native Russian language but in English.
    As Coach Shane said – the best way to master your writing skills in English is… To write in English!
    So I very appreciate if any people with good English knowledge will correct my posts in comments!