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Linux, laptop and external HDMI display problem.

Not very nice workaround for a problem on Kubuntu 18.04 laptop when system doesn’t notice that external HDMI display has been disconnected if the speed which user plugs out HDMI cable is less than five speeds of light.

Acer C720, its swollen battery and RTC.

A few days ago I pulled my Acer C720 out of the nightstand and noticed that it has a strange shape…
It’s keyboard was bulged toward the screen so the laptop can’t be closed completely.
Battery was swollen.
After I have removed the battery everything seems to work well except the wifi. Wifi couldn’t connect to anywhere and somehow I understood that the problem is incorrect date in RTC. RTC really had some fake date in the far future. It seems that there is no separate CMOS battery in this laptop. And I was needed to find the way to fix it.


Scripts for Windows and Linux that helped me in book scanning. Actually they are automatic mouse clickers… BUT! They both have conspicuous indication for time, that left before the next click. So I always knew how much time do I have to turn the page.

Linux on a desktop

Linux… o, yeah… Actually, the main reason of this blog is to be the place where I can whine about my bad experience with Linux. I tried to use Askubuntu forums for this purpose, but my post was closed as not related to Ubuntu itself. I tried to write about horrible things in power management […]

Converting a list of phone numbers from range format to prefix format.

In the fall of 2014 I got a task for complete redesign of telephony accounting system at my former work. One of the stages was automatically parse price-lists of uplink operators. Those prices usually were Excel spreadsheets that consisted of rows where each row represents a bunch of call directions that have the same price. […]