Suunto Core disassembly – Part 3

The last bunch of images – disassembly of famous Core’s buttons. It seems that nothing special with them except double o-rings.
All 146 high-res images (3648×2736 px) can be downloaded in one archive (355MB).

All these pictures were posted on Watchuseek forums, but since that days many things have changed. Last thing that I mentioned a few years ago that Watchuseek had began to require authentication before one can access attachment images. So I don’t know either these images accessible now or not.


  • Lekso says:

    I googled a lot of days and finally i find this watch disassembly photoes. I think you can help me if it is not too late. I shorted (don’t sure) my watch and please if it is possible to save please contact.

    • koshkamau says:

      Unfortunately I parted with this watch long time ago (10 years or so) so I don’t remember much about its inner structure and am unable to perform any tests. Anyway, can you clarify what have you done exactly?